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Senior Living Like You've Never Seen Before...

Why Choose Us?

At Oyster Creek Manor you can be as independent as you want or as social as you want.

We Offer several different services to help keep you comfortable, relaxed and never left alone.

Independent Living for Seniors

Texas Senior Living Be as independent as you want with all the luxury of being pampered by our in house staff at your convenience.

Assisted Living for Seniors

Texas Senior Living With our assisted living program all our seniors are pampered and can do as little or as much as they want all with the help of our staff.

Social Living for Seniors

Thanks to our social events calendar you will be able to interact with seniors on a daily business if you desire.

Luxury Living for Seniors

Texas Senior Living Luxury doesn't get better than this thanks to Oyster Creeks Manor luxury living style that we've established for seniors.

Oyster Creek Manor Living Social Gallery

With a wide variety of services and amenities you truly need to visit our location to take on the full experience of what your living style would be like.

Visit our gallery for more pictures and latest news about Oyster Creek Manor.

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Oyster Creek Manor, an Assisted Living Community, embraces servant leadership providing compassion and assistance to all our residents. Every aspect of our Community has been thoughtfully designed and developed to create an experience with our residents in mind.